A new web-based approach to delivering multimedia programming to broadband cable television networks over your intranet or the Internet.


The Millennium ContentServer™ is a powerful web-based approach to managing multimedia and video messaging systems. The product provides content authoring, management, storage and distribution services to remote Millennium MediaPlayers™ over the Internet. Millennium ContentServer™ software runs as a secure web-application.

Key Features

Easily incorporate media created from dozens of popular content authoring packages. Supports most Windows-compliant media formats. Rapid template-based media creation allows unlimited, free-form placement of text, graphics, animation, or digital video (full screen or PIP). Attach audio to any page and fade with external sources. Import data or text from databases or websites.

Playlist Management

Quickly create playlists containing graphics, PowerPoint® files, Flash animation, digital video, web content, and event triggers. Set media display duration times, start/stop date and time, transitions, attached audio, video in/out points.

Media Scheduler

Media Scheduler automates playback of playlists, individual media items, events, control of peripheral devices, and real-time data retrieval. Any media file may be inserted into the playback stream for looping or "spot-insertion." Any scheduled event can be manually fired across the network. Emergency messages can be posted to instantly override current programming.

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Millennium ContentServer™ Specifications & Options

Millennium ContentServer™  is a web-based hosted application running on FrameRate servers. The MediaPlayer is the player located at the playback facility. While we recommend this device be purchased "plug & play" from FrameRate, it can be supplied by the user as defined by FrameRate specifications.

  • Millennium MediaPlayer™  minimum requirements:
    1 GB Intel P4, 1 GB RAM, 40GB HD, 10/100 Network Card, Windows XP, Microsoft IE 7.0+.
Supported Media

The Millennium MediaPlayer™ supports playback of media created by many sources and in many formats:

  • Media Sources Supported:
    Microsoft®, Adobe®, Macromedia®, and many others.
  • File Formats Support:
  • HTML, WMV, XML, MPG, GIF, JPG, PPT, WAV, SWF, MP3, and many others.

The Millennium ContentServer™ is available in a single version that support multiple MediaPlayers.

Supported Peripherals

The software supports command and control of a variety of peripheral devices using direct serial control or IR control.

Service & Support

FrameRate's ContentServer Hosting Solution includes toll-free technical support, web access and all software updates released during the plan period. Installation and training on Millennium products is available.

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