Retail Banking



  • Easily incorporate vibrant, dynamic, and captivating graphics, animation, and video clips
  • Quickly add or change messages from any computer on your network
  • Schedule messages to display at different times, locations, and days
  • Add interest with time and temperature displays or optional local, regional, or national news, sports, and weather
  • Create a network of displays at many locations


  • Turnkey systems
  • Drive plasma screens, LCD panels, video walls, monitors both indoors and out


  • Installation & training
  • Content creation
    graphics, animation, video production
  • Content hosting
  • System maintenance

Put your message right between their eyes!

Improve the banking experience with dynamic product & service information across multiple displays. FrameRate's digital signage systems are ideal for retail banking information displays. Easily promote, communicate, and advertise your products and services while your customers wait in line.

Financial institutions are discovering the unique capabilities that an electronic message center (EMC) provides to meet their particular needs. Posting information on an EMC about loans, interest rates, checking, safety deposit boxes, or various current promotions is an effective way for a financial center to advertise services and banking opportunities.

Strengthen public relations by posting local community events and information. Bank message centers in smaller towns often become a central source of local news and special event dates.

A breakthrough in cost effective visual communications

FrameRate's Banking Display Service is one of the most powerful advertising tools available to a facility due to its color flexibility, text, graphics, logos, basic animation, and its multiple font styles and sizes capabilities.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a movie worth? Captivating, dynamic, in-your-face visual messages go far beyond static advertisement. Motion captures attention and once captured, your message can be drilled home quickly, quietly, and to many customers at the same time.

Electronic digital signage is changing the way advertising, entertainment and information is presented to the public. Your audience's attention is captured by bright, moving, constantly changing and relevant messages.

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FrameRate's Millennium™ ContentServer™ technology is available as purchased turnkey systems and software or as a service delivered to your displays via modem, wireless, local area network, or disk.



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