Networked Digital Signage


  • Easily incorporate vibrant, dynamic, and captivating graphics, animation, and video clips
  • Quickly add or change ads from any computer on your network
  • Schedule ads to display at different times, locations, and days
  • Add interest with time and temperature displays
  • Create a network of displays at many locations


  • Turnkey systems or software
  • Drive plasma screens, LCD panels, video walls, monitors both indoors and out

Services & Support

  • Installation & training
  • Content creation
    graphics, animation, video production
  • Content hosting
  • System maintenance

Put your message right between their eyes!

Digital signage changes the way customers perceive your store and your brands, enhancing the retail experience with longer shop times, shorter perceived wait times, increased shopping frequency, and bigger basket size. It all adds up to incremental sales and brand loyalty.

Build Revenue Streams - products promoted at the point-of-decision can experience sales lifts of 8% or more. In-store advertising helps your suppliers promote their products and increase your sales.

Motivated employees drive customer loyalty - digital signage helps keep employees as informed as management about product changes, special sales, and upcoming promotions.

Store Applications

Networked digital signage plays a significant role in increasing product sales and traffic in high volume and high-profit zones within the store.

  • Window: Draw their attention. Displays in the front window converts window-shoppers into customers.
  • Door: Direct the traffic. Dynamic signage can guide people to the hot sales.
  • Video wall: Build excitement and create energy by creating the perfect shopping environment. Combine music and videos with branding and lifestyle content.
  • Point-of-purchase: Make the wait entertaining by placing displays near the queues. Inform, entertain, educate, and encourage return visits.
  • End-cap displays: Promote sale items or cross-sell related accessories. Vendor sponsored displays can generate additional revenue.
  • Feature display: React instantly to inventory levels or changes in the weather. Promote seasonal merchandise.

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FrameRate's Millennium™ Networked Digital Signage is available as purchased turnkey systems and software or as a service delivered to your displays via modem, wireless, local area network, or disk.



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